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It’s about me, my life, my work. There will be updates on projects, on hobbies and whatever made some day of mine special. Everything and anything that I write here represents my thoughts and opinions and has nothing to do whatsoever with my current or previous employers or any organisation that I am or have ever been affiliated with. It’s about me and no one else, please don’t give me legal headaches.



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    • This site is hosted on Linode.
    • It’s a WordPress blog obviously.
    • The WordPress theme is not mine (though I did modify it) and whoever made it and was kind enough to provide it for free is acknowledged at the bottom of the blog’s main page.
  • Copyright:

    All content on this website is my creation and my property unless otherwise noted or linked/embedded/referenced from other sources.

    If you want to use any of it for non-profit purposes, you are very welcome to do so, but please don’t forget the attribution and link back to my website.

    For any other purposes (whatever those are), please get in touch with me first as I want to understand your use-case; it’s almost certain we will work something reasonable out, but if you use my content without my approval, you will be infringing my copyright.

    Any code on my website will have a note regarding the type of license it is released with, but if it doesn’t, you may assume the above applies to it also.

    Thank you!

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  1. Bhupendra Mishra
    Jan 7 2011

    Hi Alex,

    I got your information from stackoverflow. I am looking for someway to read data from usb port in a android device. Could you give me some suggestions on the same.


  2. Rich Lukas
    Jan 27 2011

    Hi Alex

    I also saw you on Stackoverflow. I am looking for a way to connected an Android phone (acting as a slave), to an embedded device (not a PC), acting as host. Can you provide any suggestions?


    Rich Lukas

  3. Jan 27 2011


    Yours is a very common question, but I’m afraid I do not know how to solve that problem (which does not mean in anyway that it cannot be solved, my knowledge of Android is quite limited). My solution takes advantage of adb and so, requires a computer to be running that service.

    Last I checked up on this (which was quite a long time ago), there wasn’t a clear and easy solution for connecting Android to embedded devices, but I was under the impression that some of the newer Android versions will fix this.

    Not sure if it’s any help at all, but these are my two posts on connecting by USB to a PC.

    If you do find an answer, if you could let me know as well, I would greatly appreciate it. It would be nice to finally be able to answer this :)


  4. Jan 27 2011

    I actually just read this today:

    It seems to suggest that there could be a solution for your problem over Bluetooth with the new version.

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