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Things I like

I too rarely take the time to discuss apps or services that I really enjoy, so I’m going to do jump ahead and do this now.

If you’re looking for an application to use with your task management (and especially if you’re into GTD), I highly recommend using Things*.


You can install it on your Mac and iOS devices and with the newly updated version, it will cloud sync between all of them. The new version also brings a very cool and easy way interface for reviewing the tasks scheduled for the day and deciding on whether they should be done today or postponed, which I have found to be hugely useful in keeping the lists clean.
Other than that you get what you’d expect from a GTD-type task management application, with tasks, projects tags etc. But the attention to detail is significant and you can tell right from the start.

Things icon

The new version also implements my favorite date picker to date in any app…ever! I’ve long complained about digital calendars trying to imitate paper ones, including their limitations. This is much better.

Take it for a spin and see for yourself.

* Apple world only though

PS: I’m neither affiliatted with the guys at Cultured Code, nor do I get paid for promoting this. But it really is a damn good app to have.


Design outside the box

These have been the best 28 minutes of my week. The following video has Jesse Schell (a CMU professor, game designer and imagineer) take us through games as they are today and as he envisions them tomorrow, where the entire world will be a potentially huge RPG. This trip is a bit about technology, but a lot more about psychology, sociology, economics and business, so I think it’s a must-see for everyone. Enjoy!


Mmm..The iPhone is strong with you, Mr. Jobs

What a day… Wow.

So, Euro ’08 first. We have Romania – France : 0 – 0. Quite an ugly game on both sides, but at least we survived it well. On the other hand, a beautiful show of football (yes, football, DEAL WITH IT!), The Netherlands just blew Italy way with an amazing 3-0. Wow, kudos to the Dutch, superb counter-attack! Now, I am anxiously awaiting the Romania – Italy match on Friday, a decisive game for either team. Good luck guys, you’ll need it!

On the other hand, back in the geek world, we have WWDC and Steve Jobs presenting the amazing new iPhone. I must say, if I immediately fell in love with the interface of the first iPhone, but in the end decided against buying it for lack of features and an unjustified price, this one is simply irresistible (yes irresistible, meaning that I’m trying to resist it but I CAN’T). Add the new and exciting MobileMe technology (finally SOMEBODY heard our screams of anguish and found a solution for syncing and backing up stuff nicely) and the price tag that is just blowing the competition way (not to mention MY MIND) and you have yourself a little marvel. Sure, it has its bugs. It doesn’t seem to be able to record video and Mr. Jobs didn’t share with us exactly how quickly the battery will die if you dare use both 3G and GPS. The material is probably inferior quality (replacing metal with plastic is never a good idea), I’m sure some stuff will not work exactly as advertised, the test results might be a bit exaggerated, but honestly, I would not want to be Nokia’s or RIM’s CEO right now (wouldn’t mind having some stock in Apple though). Suddenly, I understand how and why one could camp out to buy a gadget the day it comes out. Steve, I admit it publicly, you’ve captured my heart with a plastic box in a way I thought only beautiful women could. As much as I dislike many of Apple’s policies, I must say, it’s slowly but surely becoming my #1 choice for products. Keep it up for as long as you can and the sky is the limit!

If everyday of my life had this much excitement in it, I would probably completely quit energizing drinks!
Who needs caffeine when you have news like that?